No Stranger to Create the Present………

The consol

What I mean is the drive to become a new genuine fan of other creative, valuable fashions other
than my own. Somethings of my own take a long process time of desire, curiosity, the nitty gritty
to come into fruition. Kinda like the time I mentioned in the earlier email about the lyrics of
“From the Author” it took lots a time. There are engineers, scientists, and artists that didnt get
any recognition till after their deaths which is quite sucky to put it the nicest way. I guess alot
of them did what they expected of themselves instead of what others expected from them.
Being a Musician for me is a wild road, and nothing in my existence has been able to keep me
away from it this far. It’s the riding of creative challenges that drives what has been described
to me by other awesome musicians as having perfect pitch. To hear a melody of notes in my head
and then act out this desire with homework skills to reproduce them . It really comes down to
taste, but its my therapy. Check it out I’m sure it’ll do the same for you.

So……Star Jack Music presents Mike Fuentes and his Recordings………… out of the oven!
That being my “Musi” Recordings. Ya the C is silent just for kicks. Straight up On the Rocks
it doesn’t matter what your poison.

The first song I’d like to introduce to you is………. “Texas Style”
Its a heavy rockabilly type diddy. Heres the lyrics to croak along with:
Verse #1:
Break my leg on stage Texas size! 2xs
If theres anything I know
Its to put on a show
Pour me some whiskey
Dance with some hos
Break a leg on stage Texas size!
(Its what the best do without)
Verse #2:
Shes out killing again with a Texas smile! 2xs
Blood on the floor , Piles of bones
Buried from Gainsville to Mexico
Shes out killing again with a Texas smile!
(And its brutal baby)
Verse #3:
Im gonna drive my roadhouse across a Texas Mile! 2xs
To the watering hole across the railroad trax
Dont know when I’m coming back
Im gonna drive my roadhouse across a Texas Mile!
(To get away from you)
It was one of those hot Texas nights when the band was primed and the crowd was hot.
Some guy comes stumbling up to the stage after a couple of shots and says to me.
Hey California! Lets hear some Free bird
Smiling at the gentleman I said something to him like this.
Verse #4
Wave Your Finger with Me Texas Style! 2xs
To the rebels and outlaws and renegades
Deep in the Heart of the Lone Star State
Wave your finger with me Texas Style!
(Thats what I said)
Written by: Mike Fuentes
Recorded in January Studios
Rythym Axe by: Mike Fuentes
Low End Axe by: Doug Stanwick
Stix by: Ty Robison
Lead Axe by: Chuck Frizzell
Vox by: Mike Fuentes

The second song I’d like to introduce to you is….. “Without Directions”
This is another piano rock song to help inspire you “To be whom your meant to be”
Heres the lyrics to sing along with as well
Verse #1:
Opiate, glimmering, utopian drugstore queen, The camera rolls
Screen adored, secrets torn, so the movie goes.
Verse #2:
Mommas boys, parade around.
Baseball cap tumbleweed town, Her loving joy
Ability, creating, honesty.
Leap of faith from the nest your timings come to prove
Gravitys a pulling force holding all that blooms
Point your wings beyond the world the pioneer in you
They crucified your hero wont shake you from the truth
Spirits free when you can see realities
Navigate, negotiate whom your meant to be.
Verse #3
College girl pedigree, Quest for answers
With your degree the futures your
You have the keys unlocking anomolie
Verse #4
Musics son prodigee, Hawk your strings
You must eat you Rolling Stone
Strumming chords, writing scores that no one knows.
Repeat Chorus

Written by: Mike Fuentes
Recorded in January Studios
Piano by: Mike Fuentes
Twelve String Axe by: Mike Fuentes
Low End Axe by: Doug Stanwick
Stix by: Mike Fuentes
Vox by: Mike Fuentes

The third song I’d like you to jamm is “The Fiend”
This is a another axe rocking song for you and Open Mic peeps everywhere….
Verse #1
Its deep inside us running thru our brains
Find the list sign your name
Light up the instruments music to the core
Hope and aspirations
We all know the songs from you…… Yes from you
Verse #2
One song hero feeling to explode
Its just contagious to fill his empty soul
Light up the Instruments music to the core
Hope and aspirations
We can feel desire in you… In you
And your all dying to know
Whose that kid shacking up in bars… And
Whose that kid crashing in his car
Whose that kid second hand guitar Open Mic Fiend….. And
Whose that kid traveled from so far… And
Whose that kid riding shooting stars….And
Whose that kid second hand guitar Open Mic Fiend…….
Verse #3
Swig my poison shake your hand
High and stoned friends of the band
Light up the instuments music to the core
Hope and aspirations
Come to share the dope with you
And your dying to know

Well, as I said before I always get my therapy on, but at this point and time its you that now matters as well for the effect
of the whole experience. Because I sure love when a live crowd sings back in exstacy the tunes I made effects your life too!
Put your ear to it… just click here.
Mikes Studio Recordings

Well anyway its nice to make your aquaintence thru and by the web. Telepathic technology got to love it!
Thanx for listening…

Mike F

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