Old Skool
Im not an authority of music history. Just expressing my experiences of creating music and setting stages, for other artists and their creative expressions both great and small. As a recording artist myself, I think of my music experience, and history paralleled along with music made into the millinium. So my Question is where does the term “Oldies” start and end? Is it 50’s thru the 60’s? On the street music is also refered to as “Old Skool”….. Is this 70’s thru the 90’s? We now have creations like “Dub Step”, “Emo”, and “Screamo” as descriptions for music in the millinium. IDK you tell me, because the bottom line for me is that all histories of genres have great $#!t. In which I do draw from to write, compose, arrange, record, and produce my own style of music. Its a mixture of my lyrical experiences, my DNA blueprint impressed, vicariously through the “Gods” of music great and small, old and present.
Looking at the journey of rock music, and what it took for me to realize my music has taught me of self discipline (which is a tool not a legacy), to work my best through its challenges. Not to mention being broke, the great shows and wild parties. “Its what the best do without!” As a performing musician one of the things that I dig is listening to and watching other musicians perform. Its actually helped inspire me creating music today. You see for me its actually opened up my mind to stop being so linear with my music. This brings me back to all the different genres I was exposed to working stages in the clubs of Deep Ellum for years while putting togather my projects. This is why I bring up the question from “Oldies” to “Screamo” in music today. In todays music I still hear riffs, tones, arrangements and “hooks” that cascade from music of the past. The one thing that I see that has changed over the years is technology like analog to digital. Im guessing thats the difference between “Old Skool” and now. With all the exposure of music that has influenced my creations, it still comes down to the same twelve notes that have been around ever since the music scale was invented by creative, conscious human beings. Since time and all reality run independent of each other. In this case music styles may change with time, but the notes themselves remain the same. Reality.
The one thing that I am an authority on is my own works of music. In most of these recordings I perform 75 percent of the instruments. Vocals, guitars,
piano, (the Baldwin kix it!) and drums. Except bass guitar. I just like my music made anyway that makes me feel it! Im sure we can talk for hours about music, but go a head and get your free download of one of my piano rock songs. Then you can see where Im coming from in my perspective of music experiences. Basically I’m just speaking from my own behalf thru the Rock of Ages. Get back with me and tell me your impressions of my music. Im interested and open minded. Last but not least I want to apologize for any misspellings and any gramatic atrocites!

Thank you
Mike Fuentes


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