Karaoake Buzz

Karaoake Buzz

Karaoke is one of the most “cool as hell” interactive entertainment experiences that can be had by all involved. Personally I get a hot and sexy adrenaline rush from the whole thing. I joke and describe it to my friends as “croaking” because some of them are just too afraid to climb the stage area, grab and stand with the mic, to sing their lil hearts out.
With audio transitioning from analogue to digital, the invention and concept of karaoke was not far behind. First the concept was that it was actually in demand to lower the cumbersome costs of hiring a band if you were a career singer. Analogue karaoke was around in the late 60’s into the late 80’s for professional singers broadcasting on television and radio around the world. Entering the digital age in the 90’s arrived the karaoke machine which now caterers to the aspired and amateur singer as well……and the party is reborn!
hot voxAs we all know a singing voice is pretty much all one needs to interact with. One can get their songs online and practice at home before they hit the big time at their local bar or club. Usually there are catalogue books with the list of songs to choose from, then sign your name with the song you want. A little tip is try to get the songs with “SC”. Its my preference because I find their tracks to be the closest to the real thing. The DJ is there to help select your favorite tune, introduce you in the line up, dial in the EQ…So Jamm It!!
I understand the fear and its OK because I to am my own worst critic, its constructively positive. Going back to the beginning of me calling it “croaking” is that it takes the seriousness out of it and keeps it fun. The time to be serious with it is alone practicing. Any mistakes made public is for the good times. So… you show up, get on the list, do a shot, croon your @$$ off with your favorite chaser!! You know Ive seen not so great of singers get up there and entertain the crowd and we all enjoyed it. Heck their probably better now!
The best karaoke is live karaoke bar none. Every time Ive been in one it just sounds, feels and has a stronger presence. If your nervous about getting on stage, doing it with a bunch of band members that knows how to do it all can be loads of support. Those were and are some of the best shows Ive been to as a whole to kill a night rocking out!
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Rock Heaven

If you haven’t noticed by clicking one of the links I myself am a studio vocalist, performer, producer of my own recordings. Though karaoke is a cool spontaneous buzz. , I get my rocks off making my own music as well. Maybe you can sing one of my tunes and if your really good harmonize. Ha! Here’s to ya!
Frontman of No One U Know
Mike Fuentes
P.S. If they’re any spellings or grammatical buzzkills….. eh eh aaaiiimm Im not apologizing just tell me!


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