Prove It To Myself First

Brass Finger

I thinks It’s appropriate to tell you a ‘lil bout myself…. So….First off for those of ya that don’t understand the pic on the left that’s a brass slide I play on the axe (guitar) Ha!

So I will start off by introducing myself. Hi with a [hand shake] My name is Mike Fuentes unrelated to Daisy Fuentes lol. Shes hot but this is about us not her. I hope your having a good day and if not Im pulling for ya.

Well so a lil back round growing up as a music enthusiast to the point of making the decision that I was going (at the cool age of 19) to be a musician for life. I knew I had a descent grasp on composing notes together. I began proving it to myself with my first guitar I bought knowing no one else really cared and they didn’t have to. Besides it’s my road. I remember one weekend night in particular I got ready to go out. With a couple of hours to kill I picked up my guitar sat on the bed and started playing. It was a good little session when I got up to hit the door I glanced at the clock. 4:30 a.m. the clock must be wrong. Double checking another clock said the same thing. It felt like the Twilight Zone literally. I was so immersed 6 to 7 hours flew by without me looking around or getting up to use the rest room to get a drink nothing distracted that moment in time, I thought just a couple hours went by. That really tripped me out. Like a lot of us musicians I went to the studio with my first guitar, which by the way I still own to this day. It was a solo recording with a twelve and six string acoustic guitars. Years later I was signed to a label in association with Sony. The lawyer presenting my recordings was James Brown, Cyndi Lauper, and Jimi Hendrix music attorney. After listening to stacks of material with the president of Sony of the time. I was told of all the music that was listened to he liked mine the best. So they put me in the studio (not my choosing) with a guy that made me sound like he forgot to turn the suck button off or he just sucked. Either way that’s water under the bridge. It didn’t stop me cause I knew I was way better than he was at recording. So I built my own porta studio. Bought my own instruments proving once to myself again my abilities and skills are not to be left in the hands of mediocrity stuck in illusions of grandeur. So with in that time a lot of my family/friends were rearing families. Off to Deep Ellum, Tx, I go. Damn it, I’m glad I did. I’ve made a lot of friends down there. Some ain’t with us anymore. Some I’ll probably never see again or for along time. Performing, video taping, and just hanging and working in all the bars and clubs was the experience I needed to expand my music horizons. It changed what I perceived at the time only one style of music I liked. Well, I do have to say it was a great privileged to video bands work the lights in one of my favorite clubs there was Club Clearview. Like I said it exposed me to all types of genres and its still just as fun. Deep Ellum was my home for years and I’ll be doing it again if it ain’t my second home now.
One of the instruments I’ve been learning along with guitar is piano. I continued to grow my skills record in studios play in bands. Chasing dreams ain’t my style, Living them the best way possible is. The band I am currently kickin’ it with is No One U Know. Its a good outfit. Come check us out sometime. Well that’s kinda a ‘lil bout me. Sure would be kul to hear whats on your mind.
Take care Bye for now.
Mike Fuentes