Prove It To Myself First

Brass Finger

First off for those of ya that don’t understand the pic on the left that’s a brass slide I play on the axe (guitar) Ha!

So I will start off by introducing myself. With a virtual [[[hand shake]]] Hi and nice too meetcha. My name is Mike Fuentes unrelated to Daisy Fuentes lol. She’s hot but this is about us not her.

Actually I’m quite interested in who you are as much as you are reading this. Hell you took an interest this far and what you got yourself into. And a track like “Reptilian Skin Boots” is pretty powerful, but also I’m not telling you to think like me, but for yourself. Like you read earlier upon opening this link yes I am an independent artist. And for thirty years I also go out as an independent contractor and work on homes in the metro plex and I love my client/customers. I earn and appreciate their homes and their business.

So a blue collar musician is where I live in the Dallas,Tx area. Like everywhere it has its good and not so good points. Family, friends, band members, and fans know this about me, but since this is the first time meeting I figured I should share a lil bout me self. Well I think I’m gonna end this here. Your time is valuable and I’m gonna let you get you back to it. Thanx for being a part of this, and will catch up with you soon. 

Have yourself a good one!   

Mike Fuentes