Prove it to myself 1st

The Baldwin

Growing up as a music enthusiast to the point of making the conclusion that I was going
at the cool age of 19 to be a musician for life. I knew I had a descent grasp in mind
on how to put notes togather. I began proving it to myself with my first guitar I bought knowing
no one else really cared and they didnt have to. Besides its my road not theirs. Yes,
like alot of us musicians I went to the studio with my first guitar, which by the way I still own
to this day. It was a solo recording with twelve and six string acoustic guitars. Years later in 1997
I was signed to Dingo Digital Records in association with Sony at the time. The lawyer presenting
my recordings was James Brown and Cyndi Laupers music attorney. After listening to
stacks of material with the president of Sony and I was told of all the music that was listened
to he liked mine the best. I was put in the the studio with a guy that made me sound like he forgot
to turn off the suck button or he just sucked either way thats water under the bridge, but it didnt
stop me cause I knew I was way better than he was at recording. So I went and built my own
porta studio with time, bought my own instruments proving once to myself again my abilities and skills
are not to be left in the hands of mediocracy stuck in illusions of greatness.

So off to Deep EllumTx, I go. Damn it Im glad I did. Ive made alot of friends down there some ain’t
with us anymore some, some I,ll probably never see again or for along time, some doin time for things
that I dont consider crime as long as there was no malice. After all thats what prisons for, but thats another
topic. Playing, video taping, and just hanging in all the bars and clubs was what I needed to expand
my music horizons. It changed what I perceived at the time only one style of music I liked .
Well, hanging and priviledged to video bands in one of my favorite clubs there was Club Clearview.
It exposed me to all types of genres and Deep Ellum was litterly my home for years and I’ll be
doing it again if it aint my second home.

One of the things that I was teaching myself was to be a piano player along with guitar and while
at the time that I was jamming shows in Dallas led me to one of my favorite music men and a great
recording artist, as well, Jett Tessman and this is one of many we recorded.

Anyway for FREE Id like to share with you my version of Pink Floyds “Crazy Diamond”
Download the link here: www
Lets just say that I thank you for checking out what I got, may it inspire your life too!

Thanx Again
Mike F.

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