No Stranger Creating the Present

The Calm Of His Storm

The more experience with creative successes. Fearless emotions to the nitty gritty and error of my idea becomes a familiar place. Its daunting because its the unknown. Like one of my best friends told me. Its called the present because your unwrapping the gift of the moment! When  engaged in it the inspiration fades quick. It starts taking way longer than expected. Parts have to be improvised. The advise isn’t so much. Financially stretched. Even when in your minds eye you know exactly how its supposed to become. The evolution of the idea invention starts to stone wall you. Thus freaking you and most people the phuck out. So what I’ve learned is stick with the the parts that are working. Meanwhile all those things mentioned above are at play. The parts that are not working don’t necessarily mean its not any good just not for that particular idea. Hell they ended up working kick ass else where. That brings up another tricky part as to when creating parts. The part may start to blossom more than the original. I learned there is good and bad…. the bad is that it starts taking you away from the original plan. The good is that it is a new inspiration and fuel to continue. I know now that even if your stuck in the original project it still needs be focused on and completed. When I finally complete it it turns out to be just as good or better than the ones that were blossoming faster than the original. One particular time I was in the process of composing From the Author the piano work was moving along just fine and building. I got stuck in the lyrics like a bad voodoo.I was looking through newspapers magazines what have ya to find a subject. It took days into weeks frustrated that time was wasting. Then one night I was sleeping on my best friends couch to wake up hearing and humming the melody of the chorus coming to me. I got up quietly not wake anyone up stumbling around the kitchen to find a felt pen. Now I was looking for a piece of paper hoping the idea would not slip away. Aaahh a napkin will work. Humming and slashing ink strokes down…. “couch surfing creep I lay my head to sleep writing block has me on hold” that’s all I had. Excited with the melody no words to put in. Then the rest manifested when I looked up in the stove vent next to the counter I was writing on. “For its just a matter of time that I can’t spare waiting for the light to glow”. The song “Reptilian Skin Boots” as also the name of my eleven songs album had similar trial and error. Just click this link here: down load Mikes new solo album. Well I gotta run now, and you get ready to rock out!

Mike Fuentes