Wings of Dance

Yeah so the title is a little play and dance with words so to speak. One of the best parts of music making is the ability to move and flow ones body naturally in sync along with, musicians instrumental composition, arrangements of melody, tempo, and beat. This is what I call in the pocket of which is described in modern music as; R&B, soul, funk, rock and roll, swing, gospel, blues, waltz, dub step, country, euro trance, industrial rock, rockabilly, polka, grunge, punk, goth, heavy metal, house, rap, reggae, hip hop, contemporary, orchestral and so on……. We know right off the bat dancing is an innate reaction naturally within us. Do you remember your youthful innate awareness of controlling your body to move and motion in sync with your special song. I do. Mine was “Play that Funky Music White Boy”. It was cool as hell on a beautiful day in a southern Cali school. I became one with the audio hearing and expressing my feelings towards it. I was pretty freakin good at it too.

The Rain Dance

All that matters is what style works for you. This is why there are so many different styles of music to fit the style of movement your most creatively comfortable with. There are several varieties that one can express vicariously through styles of dancing like: swing, pit moshing, tango, hip hop, tap, yangko, line, belly, rain, kathak, gangnam, break, ballet, salsa, freestyles, two step, and so on……. Pretty much all styles take some form of effort in knowing even the ones you don’t pay lessons for. As a cautionary you could be pulling all kinds of hemi’s in any arena of those fun loving pits. Kick some @$$ and enjoy it.

So going back to the fact that dancing is innate in all of us means that dancing has been around for thousands of years. That’s why around the world humans have so many ritualistic and traditional dancing. Take for example the north and south native Americans. They’re dances have been passed down for many generations B.C. – A.D. circa 2015. Dance is one of the innate commonalities that strings eastern and western humanity together earth without having to know of each others existence. I think that through mankind’s years of evolving audible tones and body gestures in the form of charades were used as the way of communicating and dancing was as today a way of celebrating zeal in its success.
Any how dancing at my shows is a must. Come on down “Break a Leg” forget your failures or celebrate your success with us….. As a precursor you prolly know by now to DownLoad some of my free music subscribe your E-mail and Rock the Waltz with me. These statements are hypothetical cause no one then knew how to write or have even created the paper and pencil….. cheers.
Frontman of No One U Know
Mike F.