Three Reasons to Jamm This Anthem!

Hanging with Johnny at the back of the liquor store Dallas,Tx

3) Epic rock number unlike you’ve ever heard before until NOW.

2) Enlightening.

1) Immortalizing the late President John F. Kennedy as a moonlit modern rock star?

“The thing about Johnny K is that his cadence and delivery just fell right into place on his first take, his timing is on! Kinda like he dropped mic, shook my hand and walked out smiling with his entourage. He’s really talented and, I’m so honored.” Says Mike, who syncs a mic passing duet of heart pounding beats, heavy synthesizers, grinding guitars, that grooves out melodic sky scraping crescendos.

In offering this free single. Join the Star jack Music Fan Club by entering your name and email address on the right (below for mobile devices) and  immediately be sent the download link to this single. “Reptilian Skin Boots” is an album and single thats invented its own genre as; millennium cathedral rock. In the song “Reptilian Skin Boots” the late President John F Kennedy rocks his obscure inaugural speech giving days before his untimely tragic death about……. Well hell, listen for yourself. So download this single and join the club. Enter (side/below) and rock your self to something truly original and unique!